Sissy Lynn: locked up in chastity, teased and denied! I'm using this tumblr to post everything that turns me on and to tell you about my chastity adventures.

(last release and locked up since the 5th of August)

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Health issues

Unfortunately during the last week and specially this weekend I had some health issues - basically if you work way too hard for too long and some bad stuff happens all of a sudden, it eventually takes its toll.

It should be okay-ish now, but it should also explain the lack of updates, unfortunately.

That said - nope, I have been a really good girl and I haven’t played with myself at all!

late update?

… I’ve been really, *really* busy these last days. So much I couldn’t even type a quick update the other day! On the 20th I apparently earned some release… much needed after the ruined orgasm a few days before, that’s for sure.

It also kind of marked a good date: I started playing with Her the 20th of May, so - more than two months now and counting. Let’s hope it last for even longer now :)