Sissy Lynn: locked up in chastity, teased and denied! I'm using this tumblr to post everything that turns me on and to tell you about my chastity adventures.

(last release and locked up since the 3rd of July -although it was granted on the 2nd...)

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A ruined orgasm

That was what I got on the 15th… yeah, I’ve been kind of busy so I haven’t had time to say anything before now!

And damn, was that frustrating. It was 12 days after the last full release, but on one hand I had to make sure I was… really needy and horny before, and I was told I shouldn’t enjoy it *at all*. Which means I really didn’t get any pleasure from it.
Usually I manage to still squeeeeze a little, you know, something pleasurable from those. Even if it’s the feeling of a bit of relief, you know? Not this time. At all! I felt even hornier right from the moment I finished ruining it. Well, hornier and a bit in pain, but you know how it is.

The fact that it only made her laugh made it even worse, yes…

And now, five days later, still no sign of a real release in sight.

Interesting fact: today marks the 2nd month since we started playing again and I gave her complete control over, er, my pleasure. In that time I’ve had 4 ‘real’ orgasms and 2 ruined ones - one by mistake, the other one she made me ruin it.

Wow, that was hot :)

sleeping in a nightie…

Just a nightie, panties and a very strict reminder: you can’t touch anything you shouldn’t.

That’s really bad when you’ve got some fetishes, specially when your Mistress specifically asks you to get the clothes that feel “better to the touch”. It’s not the first time she’s ordered me to do this, but yesterday’s felt even more frustrating because I had told her how needy and horny I was feeling. Well, that’s what I get, I guess? That and a real time description of how she was playing with herself and cumming, before I went to bed and while I was still all locked up.

Can’t complain, though, I kinda like this ;)

A short diary of sorts

First of all - excuse the radio silence. We’ve been on overtime for a while at work, but the last couple of weeks have been really bad. I’ve been really exhausted and I didn’t have much time to post anything at all. So, sorry!

Because of that I also had waaaay way less opportunities to talk with my friend, which sucks. We’d start talking but I’d have to go to bed, or maybe I’d only find some short message the day after… stuff like that. Talk about tease and denial :P

The “fun” bit is, though, that she still managed to tease me a lot. Which is good, or bad depending on some points of view. I really thought I was getting some release this Tuesday, but I wasn’t allowed one until Wednesday -and I didn’t get to enjoy it until the next day because I was really really needy, I really had to go to bed.
Pretty telling, I think ;)

Oh, and for anyone interested, to finally earn it I had to edge as much as possible while playing with my vibrating plug. Apparently she almost was about to make me ruin it with the only source of pleasure coming from that butt plug, but in the end she said she was feeling a bit sad I was that tired. So I guess it had a positive side.

And this wasn’t as short as I thought it was going to be :)